Air Filters


For optimal performance of internal combustion engine particularly important is clean air. In order to protect the engine from contaminants and to prolong its lifetime, it is necessary to ensure efficient and high quality air filtration. Dirty air filter is the main indication of insufficient maintenance of the engine, leading to a reduction in engine performance and increased fuel consumption.

Top quality MFILTER air filter elements provides 99.9% filtration efficiency and restrains micron-sized particles of unwanted pollution. Modern engines require about 10 m3 of air per liter of fuel, so the highest quality MFILTER air filter elements ensure high air permeability, without reducing the level of compression.






Why air filters have to be changed on time? MFilter recommends replacement of the air filter at least once per year, recommended together with the oil filter, because a regular replacement of the air filter protects you from:

  • Insufficient air volume;

  • Loss of power;

  • Bad fuel consumption;

  • Smoke from exhaust;

  • Wear of engine.

Types of air filters: panel, circular, cone filters.

MFilter comprehensive range of quality air filters covers most of the vehicles on the road today both in passenger cars and commercial vehicles.