We are proud to be long lasting members of:

BACC logoBaltic Automotive Component Cluster (BACC) is a public entity driven cluster which was established in 2013. Today it consists of 17 members – 14 automotive companies, 2 education institutions (Kaunas University of Technology and Kaunas School of Mechanical Engineering) and Kėdainiai Free Economy Zone.

The cluster members are located in Lithuania as convenient geographical location in terms of transit between Europe and Russia. General cluster members annual turnover of 2014 amounted to 212 million EUR, the general number of employees – more than 2100. Cluster activities are aimed at supporting and strengthening the competence of partner companies along the entire value added chain.


Laugea logo

Lithuanian Export Automotive Association (LAuGEA) is an association with features of cluster activity, joining Lithuanian companies manufacturing and exporting automotive products.

The main objective of the cluster is a mutually beneficial cooperation. Since the cluster consists not only of business companies, but also of scientific institutions, we have better opportunities to employ the scientific potential, develop and test new automotive parts and other products. However, the most important is to combine the energy and share the experiences, knowledge, and information in order to develop and expand the business of this field.

The cooperation allows LAuGEA members not only to accelerate their development and testing of new competitive products and successfully sell them in local and foreign markets, but also to more efficiently manage corporate costs.