For special filtration paper tucks construction “BALTIC FILTER” air filters serve all operating term and exploit all filtration surface. “BALTIC FILTER” automotive air filters keep all requirements and terms, ensure proper tucks height and width. “BALTIC FILTER” automotive air filters cleans air, which goes to engine combustion chamber, clean sewage and solid fraction to 63 micron. It determines longer operating time for engine.

For special filtration papers tucks geometry, tucks don’t tighten, spacing between them are adequate, by virtue of the surface of filtration are fully exploited. Round filters are produced up to the width, therefore the surface of filtration are always sufficient. Therefore the operating time of engine is prolonged and the fuel input is shrunk. In every manufacturing phase the quality are controlled, starting with receiving raw materials and concluding with finished goods delivery into storehouse.

Oil and fuel filters 

“BALTIC FILTER” fuel filters clean the fuel from pollution, protect the engine fuel system plant and ensure trusty engine’s work. “BALTIC FILTER” oil filters clean fuels from pollution, ensure good unction of engine and long-term exploitation. “BALTIC FILTER” fuel and oil filters are produced by quality control in all production phases:

  • Paper pleating
  • Production of rigidity detail
  • Assembling/wiring
  • Warehousing
  • Delivery to trading place.


Key goals:

  • Manufacturing of high-quality filters for motor vehicles, ensuring irreproachable service to meet existing and future customer needs, concurrently causing the least possible impact on environment by collecting and reprocessing used filters;
  • Fulfilment of contractual obligations given to the customers and partners;
  • Development of business activities in compliance with state-of-the-art technologies and most advanced manufacturing techniques.

Key business principles:

  • Regular improvement of the implemented management systems for quality, environmental protection and manufacturing of vehicles and spare parts in accordance with the requirements raised in LST EN ISO 9001:2008, LST EN ISO 14001:2005 and LST ISO/TS 16949:2009 standards;
  • Encouragement of independent activities and initiatives of the managing officers. Employee evaluation based on good performance results rather than on the quantities of manufactured products;
  • Employee involvement in the maintenance and improvement of the integrated management system with a view to using staff skills and experience for the benefits of the company;
  • Keeping mutually beneficial relations with suppliers and partners;
  • Periodic analyses of performance results and identification of objectives and tasks aimed at task-oriented improvement of business processes.

Top management obligations:

  • In performance of contractual obligations, to utilise natural and material resources in an economic and rational manner;
  • To create conditions for employee qualification improvement;
  • To comply with legal environmental requirements applicable to the company and other obligations assumed;
  • To upgrade technological equipment in order to reduce the quantities of industrial waste;
  • To create opportunities for consumers to deposit used filters and participate in pollution prevention activities;
  • To create appropriate and safe working conditions, promote initiatives and responsibility of employees;
  • To improve quality and environmental assurance efficiency on a regular basis.

Policy of BALTIC FILTER is open to public and introduced to all employees and persons acting on behalf of the company who are required to act in compliance with the policy provisions. The policy is reviewed on an annual basis and kept up to date.